Place setting at wedding with custom menus

Couples planning their dream wedding know there are many decisions to make – but creating beautiful invitations, menu cards and other personalized stationery are some of the most fun and memorable!

That’s why Wentworth by the Sea Country Club’s Wedding & Events Team hosted a Q&A with the talented Elisabeth Stuckey of Elizabeth Stuckey Design to share her advice and expertise on navigating the world of wedding stationery, insights into the design process, 2024 wedding trends and practical tips for personalizing stationery to enhance any wedding theme or location.

#1. What advice would you give to couples when choosing a stationer?

Find someone whose work reflects a style you love. While stationers can stretch outside of their normal design style, their work will shine best when it’s aligned with their natural style. 

Most importantly, look for a personal connection outside of just their work – follow them on Instagram for a bit and get a sense of their personality, interests, and values. This will help you feel connected to the person and really trust them to bring your vision to life! 

Elisabeth Stuckey of Elizabeth Stuckey Design wrapping one of her custom stationery designs

#2. Can you walk us through your design process from the initial concept to the final product?

1. The very first step of the process is immediately after booking – we send our couples a welcome box with a full spread of invitation samples. This step is not only FUN, but crucial for helping them see the different options for paper, envelopes, ribbon, etc.

2. We begin the actual custom design process with our couples 6-7 months before their wedding date. We start with a design consultation, where we talk through all the possibilities for their suite. We discuss colors, styles, inspiration, custom artwork along with wording, etiquette and their timeline.

3. After the design consultation, we begin creating any custom artwork that will be used in the design – watercolor maps, custom monograms, crests, pet portraits and more.

4. Once the artwork is completed, we create two design options for our couples to choose from as a base. This allows them to see different takes on the style – different envelope colors, font styles and card layouts. Sometimes, you don’t really know what you like until you see a few different options, so this part of our process is helpful for clients!

5. We send our couples the proofs in a form where they can share their feedback and any revisions they’d like to see. We continue revising the design until it’s absolutely perfect!

6. Next, our couples sign the final approval and we move into print & production. We handle all printing and sourcing of materials, including postage. We address all envelopes, assemble the suites, stuff & seal the envelopes, adhere postage and deliver straight to the post office for the invitations to go in the mail to guests.

7. After the invites are in the mail, we work on a keepsake suite. The keepsake suite is one set of their invitations that we dress up with all the bells & whistles. This can be used for photos on the wedding day and as a special keepsake for couples after the wedding!

#3. Let’s talk trends! Can you tell us about the latest trends in wedding stationery?

The biggest trend I’m seeing right now is an emphasis on guest experience. Couples want their wedding to feel immersive and memorable. Wedding invitations are the very first impression of the wedding day and are a wonderful way to wow your guests from the very start! 

In terms of design trends, we are seeing a big increase in more watercolor custom artwork, bolder color palettes and textures (letterpress printing and silk ribbon). 

Custom stationery in a wicker basket

#4. Your designs incorporate the East Coast flair. How does the surrounding landscape and culture influence your creative process?

We love designing with the natural space of the wedding in mind. We often use watercolor artwork of the venue or scenery as an anchor for the colors of the suite.

We also lean into native florals, textures, and fun little nods to the culture (example: using hydrangeas and oyster shells to capture the New England aesthetic).

#5.  What are some creative ways couples can personalize their wedding to reflect their unique style, theme, or location – such as Wentworth by the Sea Country Club?

We love getting creative with our clients and bringing ideas to life that are unique and reflect THEM as a couple! We do lots of custom artwork for our clients – this means we hand paint or sketch a venue illustration, map, or pet portrait from scratch for our clients based on their specific vision. This really captures the story behind their wedding & makes their invitations one of a kind! For example, we have a beautiful watercolor painting of Wentworth by the Sea Country Club!
Custom wedding menu

#6. What are some common mistakes couples make when it comes to their wedding stationery?

The most common mistake is waiting too long to reach out to a stationer. If you want beautiful invitations without feeling rushed (or paying rush fees), book your stationer 8-12 months before your wedding! 

I think couples forget how early the process starts in order to mail 3 months before the wedding. When they reach out last minute, it’s a lot harder to bring their vision to life. 

Wentworth by the Sea Country Club 

Crafting a dream wedding is about weaving together the perfect details with the help of experts, such as Elisabeth. At Wentworth by the Sea Country Club, we believe intentional touches, like personalized stationery, set the stage for a celebration your wedding guests won’t soon forget! 

From our breathtaking New Hampshire venues to seamless execution, Wentworth by the Sea Country Club offers everything you need to bring your wedding vision to life. Our dedicated Wedding & Events Team will partner with you to create a day that reflects your unique love story.  

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